Letter to My Future Self

A Letter I should have written long ago…

Dear future self,
I hope you come across this years from now, but don’t wait too long as you’re no longer a spring chick. This is my wish for you… go after your dreams! Please write and publish books, run a marathon and travel.

Yes, write all kinds of books! Write books that bring hope into people’s life, instill gratitude, funny or silly books, share the story that you were once embarrassed to write about. Write even if you remain poor… you came from absolutely nothing. Remember that? You went from not having toilet paper to having the luxury of purchasing the finest brand. Although money makes life easier, it has never been what drives you. Stop procrastinating, telling yourself that you lack talent, or worrying about what others will think! Surround yourself with people who support you, the rest are simply meant to distract you from your goals. 

Remember how you thought you weren’t good enough to play sports and were always the P.E. captain’s last pick? Of course you remember! How can you forget the humiliation! Let that feeling of not being good enough drive you to finish that marathon, but don’t stop there. So you want to do your own triathlon? Yup! Go do that too! Yeah, I know, you can’t swim but here were many things you didn’t know how to do and you always manage to get your crap together.

When you were a little girl, you thought that going to ‘el norte’ would be the only place you’d travel? You proved yourself wrong again! Take the trip, get in debt but don’t go overboard; you’ve walked that road before. Travel the world! You always thought history was boring but you life has taught you a great lesson… you learn best by doing.

You are not a quitter! Your grandma, mother and father raised you well. They taught you perseverance and determination, so go do the shit that makes you feel alive.

Your younger self