The Things I think About While Running…

img_4271After a week of life getting in the way, time change, completing report cards, running out of time and then throw in procrastination (hmmm… sound like excuses?), I threw on my conflict shirt and finally hit the pavement this morning. During the first five minutes, I always wonder why I’m out there but then it becomes clear. It’s “me time,” time to dust things off and to reflect on those little nagging voices that disturb my inner peace.

I think about my students. In an uproar, one little second grader said, “everyone in my table is talking bad about Trump and I said to them just because you don’t like a person doesn’t mean you have to be mean. Now they’re saying I like Trump, but all I’m saying is that they don’t have to be mean. That’s bullying.” Ha! The things we, both parties, can learn from children if we took the time to listen.

I think about the people who’ve I’ve released. I love and trust without reservation, but as soon as I sense judgment, I let go. Once trust is lost, it’s never regained so I’ve learned to move on. As a result, new doors open… new friendships, new ideas and a new perspective.

I think about my past struggles. The struggles of a single teenage mother having to listen to adults who believed my life was ruined, forced me to grow up, to take responsibility and to redefine my values.

img_4272I think about who I really am. I’m imperfect! I have passive aggressive tendencies, life has made me insecure, but my wild heart, inner strength, yearning for adventure and hope fuel my love for life. I’ve learned to embrace life’s challenges, they keep me growing!

My heart wants roots but my mind wants wings… this is why I run.


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